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About Us

Roger Henry is a native of the Shoals. His passion for reaching out to his community is reflected in the agency’s values:


Since we are independent, you benefit from a wide selection of affiliate insurance companies from whom we select the best-fitting policy for your specific, individual needs and for your budget.


We believe it is essential that every customer be properly covered by their insurance policies based on their needs. Based on this logic, any request for the minimum, lowest priced coverage option, whatever the policy, will be respectfully declined. It is in our best interest to protect you as well as your finances, and a small difference in the price of your premium (for example, $10 or $20 every six months for auto liability coverage) could do so much as double your total coverage amount and save you from financial disaster. Accidents do happen and it is important to be properly prepared.


Roger Henry Insurance, LLC fosters an approach to service that makes a difference in people’s lives. Any time we work with you, whether you’re a walk-in or have been with us since the beginning, we patiently take all the time necessary to explain and answer any questions you may have about your policy.


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